Our Company

It born alongside the new millennium, KYRO PINTURAS, S.L.U. is created with a modern and innovative line, under the objective of meeting current needs in today’s demanding market in the world of painting.

Therefore, with the support of a qualified and specialized team in the complex world of high decoration paint, and confidence deposited by our customers, has succeeded in a few years, get a modern and equipped infrastructure with the necessary technology to continue innovate and progress in all fields of painting and decorating; and above all, to continue to meet the primary objective of  KYRO PINTURAS, S.L.U.: ensure and enhance the maximum value of all our products. 

So, slowly but steadily,  KYRO PINTURAS, S.L.U. has carved a niche in the market for professional painting and high decoration, which recognizes and certifies the good work of the company.

Currently,  KYRO PINTURAS, S.L.U., distributes, with its own vehicles fleet, virtually the entire spanish geography, and its next goal firmly established in the international market where it is beginning to present our products.

For all this, the company day to day struggles to move forward and growing and above all, to provide and guarantee its customers the best quality at best price and optimal service.